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Llull's five visions of Christ crucified, his pilgrimage to Sainte Marie de Rocamadour and Santiago de Compostela.
fol. 1v. (Vita coaetanea, §6-9)
Ramon listens to a bishop preach on the feast of Saint Francis and two years later receives the habit from the same bishop.
fol. 2r. (Vita coaetanea, §9, 11)
Ramon discusses Islamic theology with his Saracen slave, who later threatens to kill him and finally commits suicide in prison.
fol. 3v. (Vita coaetanea, §11-13)
fol. 4r. (Vita coaetanea, §14, 15)
fol. 5v.
Aristotle's army sets out to destroy the tower of falsehood with its commentator.
fol. 6v.
fol. 7v.
fol. 8r. (Vita coaetanea, §31-2)
fol. 9v. (Vita coaetanea, §9, 25-27)
fol. 10r. (Vita coaetanea, §36)
Llull discusses his symbolic alphabet with Thomas le Myésier.
fol. 11v.
Presentation of the work by the authors to Queen Jeanne de Bourgogne-Artois.
fol. 12r.