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As lateral means to a dramatic end, my early solo initiatives Whwymgb?, Pecu, amnd and Opæan defined a sur­prisingly co­herent pro­ject, pro­viding material and direction for all subse­quent collab­oration. Primarily, I would lead Psychological Art Circus to create a body of theatrical work guided by the lives of three seers, Anna O., Olive Pixley, and in Illusions of Reference the Oracle, Pythia.

After Illusions, I began to uncover the conceptual frame­work for a new circus within the life and art of Majorcan mystic Guillem Fanaler. The results of my sustained research — visual, sonic, and sys­tem­atic — are currently the basis for an evolving series of hybrid lecture performances.

William Lamplighter  7 Feb 2024