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From Ritual to Circus

Lateral means to a dramatic end, my original task-based perform­ances, Privattheater, WH­W­Y­M­G­B, Pecu, and Opæan, formed a coherent solo project to provide material and direction for the conse­quent collab­orations. Notably, I would lead the company Psychological Art Circus to make a distinct body of inter­disciplinary work guided by texts of three seers, Anna O., Olive Pixley, and in Illusions of Reference, the Oracle, Pythia.

Following Illusions of Reference, I began to devise a new conceptual frame­work for creation based on an idio­syncratic reading of the life and art of Ramon Llull. The results of this research - visual, sonic, and pro­gram­matic - are el­abor­ated upon in live work The Coincidence of All.

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