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The synchronicity of A From ritual to circus and finding the loop head
Towards a new circus 7 objectives to realise a three-ring concept aims
The ringmaster story Archive media of Psychological Art Circus past
The dramaturg story A short bio of the author a.k.a. Jack Pixley self
From ritual to circus Work through-line identified in retrospect text
Loop of finding art Found doctrine field recording by Opaean loop
Art of finding loop A 5-7-5 syllable definition of work process poem
Doctrine of the order 7 illustrations of the structure for creation rule
Astronomy Time-based translation of immediate phenomenon mode
Geometry Enneagrammatic web as beating heart of the work form
Tell-craft A radiant queen, dark blue dress, red book in hand plot
Musica A radome receiving a sound wave from the spheres tone
Grammatica 3 trumpeters rgb, on horseback play one and three idea
Mantiq HTML-based art of logic in the arabic and javascript code
Semantic Semantic web-art audio visualiser, including the A data
Appendices 3 process documents appx
Bibliography Selected works to aid understanding bibl
Credits Courtesy of and copyrights roll
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